Since 1990, Tony Kerry has been working with and educating corporate marketers, direct marketers and entrepreneurs alike on the merits of Direct Response Television Advertising. As a Senior Vice Present/Chief Marketing Officer Script to Screen and Founding Partner of M2 Marketing and Management Services for over 22 years, Tony helped secure over 650 Infomercials and DRTV projects yielding over $5 Billion in revenue for clients during his tenure, helping Script to Screen, become the dominant worldwide market leader in the production of infomercials and DRTV spots. While at Script to Screen Tony secured blue chip clients such as Bare Escentuals, Bose, Braun, Estee’ Lauder, Guthy-Renker, Nutrisystems, Oreck, P&G and Rosetta Stone to name a few.

Over Tony’s 25 year DRTV career, he has helped secure funding and marketing partnerships for over 65 projects including: Turbo Jam, Montel William’s Health Master, Malibu Pilates, Banjo Minnow and Bioforce Pro. Tony has secured funding and marketing partnerships from over 22 different funding partners including:  New York Jets, American Telecast, Allstar Marketing Group, Tristar Production, Guthy-Renker, Beachbody and Telebrands.

Tony has been a speaker for numerous trade associations including the Electronic Retailing Association and has been interviewed by dozens of publications such as the New York Times, Advertising Age and the Wall Street Journal.

Today, Tony continues working with corporate marketers, direct marketers and entrepreneurs in his position as Managing Partner at LANYTO, LLC.