LANYTO is a full-service direct-to-consumer marketing agency for both start-ups and well established companies in the DRTV and consumer products industry. With the experience of launching hundreds of campaigns in every category, partnering with LANYTO ensures the highest chance of success for your campaign.

At LANYTO, we can help secure a DRTV Funding and Marketing Partner to bring your product to market and/or grow its market share. In the strategic planning process, we identify industry trends along with best practices through our comprehensive research methodology. This is followed by offer development and financial forecasting of revenues and profits that serve as the game plan for your campaign.

We also offer Project Management for DRTV campaigns. As project manager, we work as your virtual marketing team to setup and manage the Direct Response campaign’s transactional infrastructure including, telemarketing, fulfillment, merchant processing, media, web and social media. Through our unique relationships and experience, we secure strategic funding and marketing partnerships that are unmatched in the DRTV industry.


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  • Tony Kerry

    Managing Partner

  • Cara Kaminsky

    Director of Client Services

  • Tom Meservey

    Director of Business Development


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